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2 bus schedules from Silao, Gto. to Fresnillo, Zac.

  • 11:30arrow_forward19:15(7h 45m)
    Autobuses Transportes Chihuahuenses Select
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  • 17:30arrow_forward00:09(6h 39m)
    Autobuses Transportes Chihuahuenses
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Bus Silao x Fresnillo

Bus Buster gather and provide all main needed information for you easy find the best and cheap Silao bus ticket to Fresnillo on March 30, 2017.

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This bus route is carried by 2 great bus companies, such as Autobuses Transportes Chihuahuenses Select, Autobuses Transportes Chihuahuenses with 2 bus schedules to Fresnillo.

The first bus leaves at 11:30 and the last Silao departure time is at 17:30.

You’ll be able to board at SILAO and get off bus at FRESNILLO.

Traveling by bus from Silao to Fresnillo takes around 7h 12m length.

All available Silao bus travel tickets to Fresnillo usually costs from $490 to $535 per seat.

These bus fares can vary from onboard bus services, daily promotions and bus seats availability.

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