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thumb_upamy voight
"My God I was so lost in another part of the u.s. and I was so scared, my first bus ride I will never forget it. You truly made a new customer satisfaction 10/10"
thumb_upkaren becker
"It was a great experience very easy"
thumb_downsarah nelson
"Got a bus ticket for a friend visiting who had to make it to the airport. The weather wasn’t too bad - just cold and some blowing snow. We got to the bus station at 5am, half an hour early, to see they had just put up a paper sign saying the bus was cancelled. No other information. No email notifying us of this. Nothing on the website. And they refuse to give me a refund because THEY cancelled. Very upset with Jefferson Lines. Won’t use them again."
"Best ride ever on a bus"
thumb_downnadine kramer
"Love the folks on the phone. Bus driver rude and buses late."
thumb_downautumn amadou-blegen
"Tried making a reservation online and had an error message each time. Never saw a confirmation page and never received a confirmation email. Tried a different card and had the same issue. So, we gave up and decided to look at airlines instead. Two days later we have over $300 in small charges of $30-$60 from Jefferson. Still no tickets, but plenty of charges."
thumb_downfred jacket
"Shittytripinall y'all better figure this shitty sit out"
thumb_downkarla ziegler
"We had to reschedule twice because of weather so when we finally had my 84 yr old dad at the bus stop at the grocery seems the bus was about an hour late so I’m guessing when he DROVE BY WITHOUT STOPPING he was trying to make up time? I immediately called the 800 number, the lady put me on hold and came back to lie and say 1. We were on the wrong tracker(there is only one). and 2. The bus driver DID stop. Well he didn’t because we were in the parking spot next to where the bus stops. So then I asked if I could bring dad to Jenkins which is 10 minutes from the stop. She said no and hung up on me. I called again, was on hold, the bus was almost in Hackensack and I again said I could bring him to the bus and was told NO. There was no supervisor on duty. Hmmmmm. We’ll see if we board today."
thumb_downemily shelene
"I was left behind, 3 mins before the bus was actually supposed to leave. The bus number is 938. He was very impatient earlier and left someone and even slammed the door. My seizure meds are on my carryon which is on the bus plus all my luggage 2 bags are underneath. I am in Alexandria MN waiting 8 hours and 20 mins for the next bus. I am by myself no medication and I have epilepsy. I've been crying all morning and frustrated. I dont know how a bus driver could do this. I paid for this "customer service". I am never riding Jefferson Bus Line again, NEVER!"
thumb_upbettyjo mullikin
"Was awesome except holes in seats my stuff would fall ppl in back of me kept my SHIT that fell out."

Jefferson Lines contact

  • 800 451 5333
  • 2100 E 26th St, Minneapolis, MN 55404, EUA

All you need to know about Jefferson Lines

All About Jefferson Lines

Jefferson Lines is a regional American intercity bus company operating in the United States.

Since 1919 it provides a daily bus scheduled service from Montana to Wisconsin.

It has been connecting people to their favorite destinations since 1919.

And from Minnesota to Texas.

By 1990, Jefferson Lines was the second-largest intercity bus company in the country.

After Continental Trailways, bought by Greyhound Lines.

This bus service provides daily transportation to 13 states across America’s Heartland.

And serve and benefit over 160 communities around.

There are around 24,174 bus trips over 912 cities.

Jefferson also has partnerships with other bus companies.

These enable bus connections with thousands of destinations.

Even across Canada and Mexico.

Jefferson Main Bus Trips

This company covers around 13 American states available for bus book trip.

The popular bus routes connect all the Midwest area.

This company will help you to travel from Montana to Wisconsin, or even from Minnesota to Texas.

Or if you think about different options like going to Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota or Wyoming.

Jefferson bus map service is the perfect and cheapest transportation option.

Find below the most searched Jefferson bus lines routes.

Click to get more information about those bus trips.

You will find all bus arrival time, departure and prices.

Bus Ticket from Minneapolis to Chicago

Bus Ticket from Kansa City to Chicago

Bus Ticket from Minneapolis to Duluth

Bus Ticket from Minneapolis to Milwaukee

Bus Ticket from Oklahoma City to Dallas

Bus Ticket from Fargo to Minneapolis

Bus Ticket from Milwaukee to Minneapolis

In almost all cases, in every available trip, you will find a bus travel at least once per day.

Jefferson Bus Ticket Fares

Jefferson Lines tickets prices are most of the time relate to route plus days in advance.

The farther is the date, the cheapest the journey gets.

Plan your trip ahead to avoid any inconvenience.

Try to book your bus ticket with at least 7, 14, or 21 days in advance of your travel departure date.

You will get the best Jefferson's discounts.

If you book with seven days in advance, you can save 10% on a ticket.

If booked in 14 days in advance you can save 25%.

And better if you book with 21 days in advance, there's a 50% price discount.

Where to Buy Jefferson's Bus Tickets

For your convenience, there are plenty good and easy options to book tickets at Jefferson Line.

There's also a tool called bus tracker, so you can easily find your bus status.

You can use this tracker at the company's official website.

There are four ways to make your bus seat reservation.

Buy Ticket Online

You can get tickets in the comfort of your home or while on transit.

Access the website and have your credit card in hand.

It's an easy and secure process.

Tickets bought online are non-refundable and just valid for travel only on the date(s) the ticket was purchased.

Remember to print your boarding pass after buying your ticket online.

Bring it to board the bus.

If you don't board the bus, you can get the unused tickets as credit for other future online purchases.

If you decide to cancel or change it, a $15 cancellation fee will be applied.

Always be aware of the refund policy practices.

In case there's any problem, doubts or changes with your online purchase, don't hesitate to call Jefferson customer care at 800-451-5333.

And again, don't forget to print your online ticket before boarding.

Buy Ticket at Terminal

Jefferson Lines offer several locations around the country which operates as ticket agencies.

These addresses can be bus terminals or travel agencies.

At those, you will be able to buy your ticket directly from an official company personnel.

There you can buy tickets for the same hour or day.

Also, booking for coming days ahead.

Most locations will accept cash, check, and major credit cards.

Still highly recommended to contact your local stop to confirm payments received.

If you prefer to buy a refundable ticket, don't forget to ask the local agent for it.

Buy Ticket Over the Phone

This way is a great option for those who feel uncomfortable about buying tickets online or instead of going to a local terminal.

Just call 800-451-5333 to start your purchase process.

Keep in hands your credit card.

You can also have your ticket mailed directly to your home.

Fees will be applied to mail it.

In this case, just if you buy it with at least seven days in advance of travel date.

Or just pick it up at the closest pickup location informed to you.

But get ready to pick it up your ticket before ten days from the purchase.

Buy a Prepaid Ticket for a 3rd Person

This option of purchase allows you to get a ticket at your location, at a local ticketing terminal.

And send the ticket to another person in another city.

Deals & Discounts

As previously informed, the bus book with 7, 14, or 21 days in advance to get significant discounts.

There's a 50% discount on tickets if bought in 21 days in advance!!!

Also, know that all discounted tickets are nonrefundable.

Children Tickets Discounts

Children who apply to the following rules can get a 20% discount.

The rules for a discount for children's bus ticket is related to their age.

Children must be two years old to 11 years old.

For this discount, it needs an acquisition of a full adult ticket for the same trip.

Child above 12-year-old must pay a full adult fare.

Other Discounts applied

Seniors can get a 5% discount if fitted to company's rules.

Also Military and Veterans can save up to 10% on bus trips.

Students can save 15%.

Luggage Rules

Travelers may carry on aboard the Bieber bus only one baggage that weighs no more than 25lbs for free.

For the first checked bag, it's free, and it's allowed to be at the maximum of 50lbs weight.

The maximum liability is $250 per Adult and $125 per Child.

The bus company will only be responsible actual loss or damage at the time and place of ticket checking.