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  • 800 231 2222
  • Greyhound Lines, Inc P.O. Box 660362 Dallas, TX 75266

All you need to know about Greyhound


Since Greyhound started in 1914, the company rapidly it became the largest North American intercity bus service.

This operation is about 123 routes and daily serving over 3,800 destinations.

Most in the United States and also in Canada and Mexico. 

It Headquarter is based in Dallas, Texas and serves in most of entire North America continent.

known as the largest bus operator and an affordable travel option to nearly 18 million passengers every year. 

It’s a unique national company.

Just for being the only one which has scheduled intercity bus serving in all most all continent.

In the United States, Greyhound has two partner companies.

They are BoltBus and Peter Pan.

They operate on Northeast & Western regions (Boston, New York City, and Washington, D.C. / Vancouver, BC, Seattle, Portland / Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area and LAs Vegas). 

Yo!Bus is serving Chinatown area in Northeast (Boston, Philadelphia, and Manhattan's Chinatown). 

Competing in this mass transportation market, Greyhound launched in 2010 a premium service.

It's available to more than hundred bus routes across the country.

It's called Greyhound Express.

A “city-to-city” daily operation, focused on connecting far out places to larger cities.


Greyhound has redefined the bus travel experience. 

You’ll find brand new amenities to make your travel experience more comfortable and safe.

All buses are environmentally friendly than ever before. 

The upgraded fleet redesign is to ensure the best and most reliable ride to all customers. 

Almost all fleet comes with comfortable three-point safety seat belt. 

All Greyhound buses come well equipped for your comfort.

You will travel by bus with excellent air conditioning, clean restroom, and headrests reclining leather seats.

Also with footrests and tinted windows for sun blocking. 

The company is now providing all previous premium amenities free of charge to all customers. 

Whether it’s WI-FI, extra legroom or power outlets. 

Greyhound Express

This modality is a low-cost bus trip, between cities, starting at just US$ 1,00! 

It’s all about to get faster to your destination with no stops.

Or just get there with fewer ones. 

This service is available now 900+ city pairs. 

Greyhound provides some pleasant independent stations with waiting rooms.

Greyhound Connect

This service type connects passengers from bus stops at small and rural cities.

It connects this bus stops with big stations in the major cities. 

Some buses aren’t from leading Greyhounds fleet.

They are smaller sized buses not equipped with restrooms.

Greyhound Charter Services 

This category is a bus freightage service nationwide.

It's available for groups, schools or any particular trip interest.


How much is a Greyhound ticket from New York-NY to Washington-DC?

Find 52 daily bus schedules starting on $10

How much is a bus ticket from San Francisco-CA to Los Angeles-CA?

You find 23 regular bus schedules from $1 to $55 per seat

How much is a bus trip from Boston-MA to New York-NY?

There are 23 daily bus schedules lower than $20 per single trip

How much is a bus booking from Los Angeles-CA to San Francisco-CA?

There are 23 bus schedules available for daily trips costing from $18 

How much is a Greyhound ticket from Miami-FL to Orlando-FL?

Get a one-way ticket up to $64.00 from about 38 bus schedules leaving from Miami

Online with Credit Card

You can book trips in advance directly on Greyhound website.

There's variety of payment methods such as credit cards and debit cards.

Online With Cash

You can book your ticket and pay with cash.

Choose this option during the online process.

After finished it, redeem your bus pass at a participating retailer.

Over Phone

This service is available only for U.S. customers.

Call 1-800-231-2222, a toll-free number.

Use your credit card to conclude a transaction.

At Terminal

You can find a huge variety of Greyhounds terminals around the country. 

There you can directly buy your tickets at the kiosks.

Using self-service machines dedicated for purchase or ticket pickups. 

For buying tickets, is accepted a variety of payment methods.

From cash, major credit cards, debit cards and traveler's check. 

Be aware that money orders aren't accepted. 

International Customers

All international customers may buy in advance using Will Call online ticket system.

Or just buy directly from at any Greyhound Station when on American ground. 

Call 214-849-8100, between 5 a.m. to 1 a.m., if you are an international customer without toll-free access. 


Advance Ticket Purchase

If you buy your ticket with seven or more days in advance, you can save big on your trip.

The discount is up to 50% on fares. 

Note the this isn’t available for holiday periods and cannot combine other discounts.

Family & Friends Discounts for Bus Tickets

Buying one adult ticket, with more two buddies or family members makes you save up to 50%.

But it has to be at least with three days in advance from departure date.

Children Free Tickets and Discounts

Every child under 12 (twelve) years old, traveling with an adult, are eligible to get a special discount. 

If the child is under 2 (two) years old, it's a free traveling while accompanied by someone with at least fifteen years old. 

If the child is between 2 (two) to 11 (eleven) years old, it gets a 25% ticket discount. 

Be aware that all reductions estimates are basing on a full adult fare rates. 

Student Discounts

All students on vacations, back home or back to school have a 20% discount on all available nationwide trips.

Just have to be using the Student Advantage Discount Card.

Military Discounts

All active and retired military, including dependent family members, are eligible to get a 10% discount on all nation bus routes. 

If ticket price exceeds the amount of US$ 259,00 for a round trip, this is the greatest fare you will pay.

For veteran discounts, please check the company website for the specific regulation.

Senior Discounts

All passengers at the age of 62 years old or more are eligible to get a 5% discount on all available Greyhound bus trips.


When you join this program, you can get points for every time booking bus on Greyhound. 

Just adding the program, you already get 10% off to use on your first bus trip.

You can get a discount even if you book the bus on the same day.

Depending on the bus destination or if it's a round trip, you already start making 2 (two) points.

If the ticket is flexible fare, your acquisition jumps to 6 (six) points.

Most new point levels, unlock new rewards.

Resuming it, the more you travel, the more points you collect. 

And the more points you have, the more discounts and rewards you're eligible. 

But, how to collect points?

The number of points you accumulate depends on the type of fare you buy. 

- 1 (one) point for each one-way trip for Economy fares

- 2 (two) points for each one-way trip for Economy Extra fares

- 3 (three) points for each one-way trip for Flexible fares

But, what do you get exchanging points?

With 6 (six) points, you can get: 

- 15% off on booking bus

- the companion pass for a second traveler.

- 10% off food at any Greyhound Station

With 10 (ten) points, you can get: 

- 20% off on your bus ticket

- the companion pass for a second traveler.

With 16 (sixteen) points, you can get:

- free bus ticket anywhere Greyhound has a stop or station!


Be aware that not every bus ticket is refundable. 

It's all about the bus ticket type if you chose refundable or non-refundable. 

Refundable bus tickets, can be refundable as it says and be exchange without extra fees. 

If you chose non-refundable bus tickets, forget about any refund.

But you still can change it for another bus ticket spending US$ 20,00. 

But remember, all exchanges are available according to schedule availability.


Before taking a trip, passengers need to pay attention at some points about its travel. 

Besides all information about bus tickets dates, ticket fares, schedules, departure and arriving addresses. 

It is crucial that travelers look for more details about available travel insurances. 

It doesn't matter if it is a short or long bus trip.

Or even if it's a regular journey. 

Travel insurances guarantee safety and integrity in any emergency situation.

Like a traffic accident, disease or another kind of health problem.  

Beyond protection and help in cases of luggage theft or loss and trip cancellation.

There are some variety types of travel insurance.

Like health insurance, luggage insurance, and others. 

Usually, health insurances include medical emergencies and treatments.

Including hospital stays and, in some cases, an urgency travel back home.

Luggage insurances guarantee a covering in the event of theft or baggage loss.

Greyhound bus carrier offers a luggage insurance for all passengers.

In a case of lost or damaged when riding in a Greyhound Bus.

You might want to take out insurance if your luggage goods are more expensive than the offered compensation.

Passengers can protect their baggage up to a maximum of $1,000 per person. 

This insurance doesn't include items checked as overweight, oversized or excess baggage.

All travelers will need to pay a 'declared value charge' for these.

For more details about this fare, check it at Greyhound's site.


Boarding on Bus

All boarding procedure takes about 15 to 30 minutes before departure. 

Please be aware and arrive at the terminal gate at least an hour before departure.

So you can take care of ticketing confirmation and baggage dispatch. 

Traveling to Mexico and Canada

Have with you a valid U.S. passport.

A photo identification is required to get inside Canada or Mexico by bus.

Travelers will not get into the United States coming from Canada or Mexico, if without proper documents.

Have in hand a Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) compliant travel documents. 

Please check the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Website for more details on requirements for leaving or entering the U.S.