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If you are looking for a bus ticket to your next trip, you are in right place. Bus Buster is a free bus search tool created to help your journey plans. Here you find all north american bus companies, from Mexico to USA and Canada, all bus routes, timetables and bus ticket prices. Traveling by bus in North America, intercity and interstate, is usually the cheapest and efficient way to get at a desirable destination. But if you are willing to cross countries, maybe other transportations can be faster and cheaper. Also be aware that border-crossing routes may require passengers carry their passports or other legal documents, and foreigners have appropriate visas. All US intercity bus services are operated by large private companies, such as Greyhound and Megabus, which are always trying to improve customer satisfaction, bringing new features to a more pleasant trip. The are always running promotions to bring more passengers, and If you are luck you can have your bus ticket for only $1. Some companies provide discounts to several kind of audience. There are plenty of bus tickets purchase methods, from online to phone, in a variety of payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, cash or by check. All companies has it own payment policies and it affects in the way customers relate to them when it comes of making reservations. On longer runs , most of the time, buses are well equipped with WiFi, air conditioning, clean restroom, reclining leather seats and footrests. Sometimes even small tables for eating, playing cards, or any activity you enjoy. They probably will have at least one stop to refuel and clean, while passengers can grab something to eat and stretch their legs. On shorter runs, usually the bus don't stop until it gets to destination. Always good to remember, that bus operated services mostly takes Highways as preferred fast routes, avoiding heavy traffic.


You can start your bus search on by filling up the two highlighted indicated boxes, the first with the location you will be leaving from and the second with location you want to go. After this step you will get a list with all departures at a dedicated bus timetable page for that specific route. On top of that list, use the “calendar button” to change dates as you wish. At the list you find departure and arrival time, trip duration, all bus companies who serve this specific chosen route and its rating made by previous travellers reviews, bus category and price. Get from it all major information needed to filter and buy the best bus ticket. If for some reason when searching for your bus you have any doubt about which is the best bus company to travel, just check all reviews and ratings made by other passengers, reporting their previous experiences with these companies, so in that way you can better choose which one have the best bus services for your travel. Clicking on or selecting a single departure time, will give you more detailed information. There you click on “buy tickets” and you will be redirected to company's official website to purchase your ticket if desired. helps you to find the best bus for your trip. As said up there, bus companies provide to customers various methods to purchase bus tickets without leaving home, besides known online purchase. There are plenty of bus tickets purchase methods to fulfill all your needs.

Online Purchase

You can buy your bus tickets in advance through official company’s website, in a variety of payment methods such as major credit cards or debit cards. Usually all prices are shown in USD. To confirm your purchase, a confirmation email will be send to your e-mail inbox. Some companies send a SMS confirmation for a small fee.

Over Phone

North American bus companies provide this service for U.S. customers, calling to a toll-free number and using a credit card transaction. International customers also can buy tickets using a regular call. Note that some companies will charge an extra fee for this reservation method.

Over Phone with disabilities

Some bus companies have a special channel for customers with disabilities, making reservations by phone with dedicated customer service representatives to assist.

At Terminal

Around North America, Mexico and Canada there’s a huge variety of terminals. At those spots, you can directly buy your tickets, using a wide payment options such as self service machines dedicated for ticket purchase or ticket pickups, cash, major credit cards, debit cards and traveler's check. Be aware that money orders aren’t accepted and depending on chosen company, there isn’t bus ticket sell on spot.


Most all bus companies invest a lot on their fleet, always looking for the best customer satisfaction. Usually you will get brand new amenities to make your travel experience more comfortable, safe, with environmentally friendly buses, professional drivers and staff offering a high level of comfort and safety. You will be able to experience well equipped, clean and well maintained fleet, with air conditioning, clean restroom, reclining seats (sometimes leather seats) with headrests, footrests, safety belts, wheelchair accessibility, panoramic view and tinted windows for sun blocking. Also, most of companies provides a free of charge to all customers, whether it’s WI-FI or extra legroom or power outlets.


Depending on chosen city of origin and destination, sometimes there isn’t available direct bus lines/routes between these sites. Thinking about it, provides a unique and exclusive service that brings the best route combination for you to get in your destination. A special route is shown with a stopover at a city that will be the best option between your point of origin and arrival. But always remember that in case your trip is with stopover connections, you will need to buy separated bus tickets for each part, just because you will drop off from the bus and in most cases, will exchange bus companies at the connection point. Try to buy the second ticket with a few hours margin after the estimated arrival time from the first part, unpredictable events can happen on the way and, purchasing the bus ticket in this way you will not risk losing any important appointment.


Promotions and discounts may vary from company to company. Greyhound offer 50% discounts if you buy your bus ticket with seven or more day in advance, or if purchase one adult ticket with more two buddies or family members (in this case, at least with three days in advance from departure date). Megabus promote travels by prices and fares starting as low as US$ 1.00 , but it is for limited time. Also depending if there’s a high demand for seats and for reservations a US$ 1.50 fee will be charged. Be aware for special promotions running in local or national campaigns, giving out discounts related by promotional codes.

Children, Student, Military and Senior Discounts

Any children under 2 years old, can get a free bus ticket. Also, if you have children or you are a student, military or senior, look for Greyhound’s dedicated discounts that can vary from 25% to 5% on bus tickets. For more detailed information check company’s discount policies.


If, for some reason, after buying a bus ticket, you need to change any date from your bus ticket purchase or cancel it, you will must realize some necessary procedures specified and particular to every bus company. The first step is to contact them directly asking about exchange or cancellation policies. It can change from time to time. Be aware different companies have different policies. Not every bus ticket is refundable and it can vary on bus ticket type, if when you bought it, you choose refundable or non-refundable. Refundable bus tickets can be refundable as it already says. If you choose non-refundable bus tickets, you can exchange for another bus ticket with some extra fees that may be applied. But remember, all exchanges are available according to schedule availability. And also important that usually no refunds will be given if you miss the bus, but can be changed up until 24 hours prior to departure.


Boarding on Bus

You should arrive at the terminal gate/spot at least an hour before departure, so all ticket check can be done without any rush. The boarding procedure can take about 15 to 30 minutes, always depending on baggage dispatch length.

Baggage Size and Weight Limits

Make sure your luggage is less than 50 pounds and doesn’t exceed 62 inches. A charge will be applied for any baggage above the 50 pound limit. Packaging exceptions will only be made for bicycles, skis (and ski poles must be packed in wood), canvas or other substantial container, and securely fastened; It’s important to check bus company policies, so it can vary from each.

Pets on Bus

Animals aren’t allowed on bus, with exception of trained service animals that assist disabled customers.

Travelling Abroad by Bus to United States from Canada or Mexico

All passengers will not be permitted to entry into the United States without proper Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) compliant travel documents. Please check the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Website for more details on requirements for leaving or entering the U.S.

HAVE AN AWESOME BUS TRIP! hopes all your previous doubts about bus trip were cleared. So it’s time to get your bus ticket! We highly recommend you to buy any bus ticket in advance, so you can find the best prices and fares, best seats, avoiding any setback in your journey. And if you still have any questions about routes or how to buy your bus ticket, just leave us a comment at the bottom of this page and all other travelers will answer you.

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