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thumb_downjuan alberto
Que no me dan resultados a mi peticion
thumb_downalejandro sanchez
No recibi la informacion que solicite
Buen servicio y mejor calidad
Buen servicio y mejor calidad
thumb_uppasajero anónimo
Comodidad atención
thumb_uppasajero anónimo
Comodidad atención
thumb_upsofía gonzález
Todo tranquilo y m gustó la limpieza
thumb_upazucena gutierrez tapia
Para mi es la mejor comodidad. Que te puede otorgar los servicios de ADO se los recomiendo muy buena
thumb_downpasajero anónimo
tarda más de 2h y 5'

ADO contact

  • 01 800 369 46 52
  • 123 Artilleros, 15380 Venustiano Carranza, Distrito Federal, Mexico

All you need to know about ADO

All About Ado Bus Lines & FAQ's

Autobuses de Oriente, also known as Ado, was founded in 1939 on the route Puebla to Veracruz.

Nowadays Ado is one of the largest bus companies in Mexico.

The company also cross from Mexico to the United States of America.

If you are looking for a bus ticket to Mexico, Ado is probably the best choice.

Ado daily operates in 16 cities in the country and serving over 250 destinations.

Ado Mexico bus lines are the most important in the Mexican Southeast.

Their passengers can travel by bus during the whole year.

Ado Bus Company is working for increase their lines across many cities in México.

Ado make efforts to keep quality services on all transportations.

This company always focus on safety and comfort on all buses.

Ado is a large group which holds several other bus services:

- Ado GL

- Ado Platino

- Autobuses Unidos (AU Mexico)

- Cristóbal Colón (OCC Mexico)

- Cuenca

- Ecobus Ado

- Estrella de Oro

- Estrella de Oro Diamante

- Mayab

- Riviera

- Texcoco

- Transportes Regionales Veracruzanos (TRV Mexico)

- Uno

- Valles

- Via

- Volcanes

Ado Bus Services & Bus Types

Ado transportation offers their passengers experiences of luxury and comfort.

Buses classify into three categories.

Different bus models have variations as far as concerning comfort and technology.

Ado buses offer its users the first-class service of comfort.

Bringing reclining seats, TV monitors, air conditioning and sanitary.

There's Ado regular bus transportation, with essential features.

🎥 Watch how this is Ado buses looks like here.

Very few know the real differences between the executive and luxury service.

As far concerns frequent bus services.

Understand that the executive service and a luxury service are different.

Many travelers currently misunderstand the differences.

There are differences between Ado bus executive service versus Ado luxury service.

Ado Executive Bus Service

The Executive service is complete.

This is the features on Ado GL bus.

It usually brings:

- 36 to 38 seats

- More leg space between seats

- 2 toilets

- Plasma screens

- AC

- Inpidual light

- Hand luggage compartment

- Cafeteria on board

- Lunch and/or snacks and/or refreshments when boarding

- Lunch Self-service on trip

- Experienced drivers

🎥 More about Ado GL

Ado Luxury Bus Service

The luxury buses service brings more and more comfort features through the years.

Those are the features on Ado Platinium bus.

It usually brings:

- 21 to 25 seats

- Semi-bed seats (reclining bed seats)

- Pillow and blanket

- Free Wifi

- Electrical connections

- Inpidual light

- Hand luggage compartment

- 2 separate toilets (lady and gentleman)

- Personal entertainment system or plasma screens

- Lunch and/or snacks and/or refreshments when boarding

- AC

- Travel kit

- Best drivers available on Ado

🎥 More about Ado Platinum services

Ado Airport Bus Service

Ado Airport is the bus service created as a way if you go/return from a national or international trip.

This bus takes you straight to your airport like Cancun, Merida, Villahermosa and more.

All bus trips without stops.

Main bus routes are:

- Mérida to Cancún airport

- Campeche to Mérida Airport

- Cd Carmen to Villahermosa Airport

Female Exclusive Seats

Also, Ado also offers some dedicated services to women customers.

It is a service reserving exclusive seats for women.

The objective is making travel more comfortable and safe.

Choosing seats is randomly selected by the client.

It permits reservations at the box office or online.

There is an additional cost of at any ticket.

It is only available four seats per trip.

Also, depending on the origin or destination where bought ticket.

Can apply to bus ticket transfer and cancellation.It usually costs of $ 20.00 to $ 25.00 additional fee.

How to Buy Ado Bus Tickets?

When it comes to purchasing tickets, many questions also turns on Ado bus ticket sales.

There are some primary methods to buy tickets.

Which are the payment methods to buy Ado tickets?

The payment methods available are:


- Debit/Credit Visa or MasterCard

- Box Office

- Safety Pay

- Online Transfer

If you are not Mexican, probably this next one has some utility for you.

Do Ado accept foreign credit cards?

Only at the Box Office, and some others authorized point of sales.

What options do you have if you want to buy tickets with cash?

The cash payment is only possible in Box Office.

At Ado Mobile you can choose Pay at the Box Office to reserve your seat.

After that, you go to the terminal to pay with cash and get the tickets.

You have to be done until two hours before the bus departure.

Ado Internet

Passengers can buy Ado bus tickets company through its website.

Pay by credit card, debit card, and Transfer.

Ado Phone

Call 01 (800) 009-9090 to buy your bus ticket.

The payment is by credit card.

Ado Mobile APP (Ado MÓVIL)

There are 2 ways of payment on mobile.

Pay with Visa and MasterCard credit or debit cards.

Alternatively, pay with Transfer.

Download Ado Android App or Ado iPhone App

Ado Box Office or Bus Terminal

Ado have several terminals and box offices around Mexico.

There you can buy bus tickets paying with credit cards, cash or debit cards.

What is pay at the box office?

It is a payment method that allows you to secure your seats online or phone.

Then make the payment in cash directly at the ticket office until two hours before the departure.

Just inform your reservation number, pay and get your tickets.

Can you buy with foreign currency?

It is only accepted US dollars at ticket offices.

More Into Ado Available Payment Methods

Ado Ticket Payment by Credit Card and Debit Card

What kind of card?

Ado accept all VISA or MasterCard debit and credit cards.

Online payment method is only for customers who holds Visa and Mastercard cards.

Do Ado accepts American Express?

Yes, but only at the Box Office.

Ado Ticket Payment with Transfer

What is Transfer?

It is a new account with which you can Make payments, money transfers and balance inquiries instantly from your phone.

How a bus ticket payment with Transfer works? You must choose Transfer as a payment method.

After that, send a text message to the 4040 with the word Code followed by the amount to pay.

You will receive a 12-digit code which you must enter to be able to make your payment.

Remember that to use this form of payment you must have Transfer account.

Here a step by step using Transfer on Ado:

1- To use this form of payment you must have a Transfer account.

2- You can activate at an OXXO or Banamex.

3- Select this form of payment at Ado website.

4- Request your transfer code by sending an SMS from your mobile to 4040.

5- Use the word "CODE" followed by a space and the amount to pay for your tickets.

6- You will get a message back on your mobile with the transfer code number.

7- Enter it in the requested field at the website transaction.

8- Accept the Terms and Conditions and click on pay.

9- Once authorized, Ado will send your ticket(s) confirmation to the email you provided.

Ado will show you a screen where you can also print or save your tickets.

If you have any problems, contact Ado at 01800 369 HOLA (4652).

Alternatively, from mobile phone *4652 or using Ado CHAT at the website home screen.

Ado Ticket by Bank Transfer (Safety-Pay)

What is Safety-Pay? It is a secure method of payment to make your purchases online.

All the payment information stays between your bank and you.

To use this, you must have Electronic Banking (online) and previously obtained your token.

The participating banks are Banorte, Bancomer, Santander and Scotiabank.

What is a token?

It is an electronic device that your bank provides to facilitate the authentication of your account.

How to make bus ticket payments with Safety-Pay? At Ado website choose to pay with Safety-Pay.

Once selects this option, select your bank.

Safety-Pay will generate a transaction number.

After that, the Ado site will redirect you to your bank website.

Follow the procedure at your bank website to finish the bus ticket transaction.

To understand more about this payment method, watch the tutorial how to buy Ado tickets with SafetyPay.

Ado Bus Schedules Destinations

What's Ado bus schedules and bus ticket prices?

Ado Bus Cancun Airport to Tulum

- Departure at Ado Airport Cancun, Q.R. (Mapa)

- Arrival at Ado Bus Station Tulum, Q.R. (Mapa)

Trip duration takes around 2 hours and 5 minutes length.

Ado bus ticket price from $80 to $228. More about Cancun Airport-QR to Tulum-QR bus schedule.

Ado Bus Cancun to Tulum

- Departure at Ado Bus Station Cancun, Q.R. (Mapa)

- Arrival at Ado Bus Station Tulum, Q.R. (Mapa)

Trip duration takes around 2 hours 25 minutes length.

Ado bus ticket price from $80 to $228. More about Cancun-QR to Tulum-QR bus schedule.

Ado Bus Cancun to Chichen Itza

- Departure at Ado Bus Station Cancun, Q.Roo. (Mapa)

- Arrival at Ado bus station Chichen Itza, Yuc. (Mapa)

Trip duration takes around 3 hours length.

Ado bus ticket price for about $143. More about Cancun-QR to Chichen Itza-YUC bus schedule.

Ado Bus Playa del Carmen to Cancun Airport

- Bus Departure at Ado bus station Playa del Carmen, Q.R. (Mapa)

- Bus Arrival at Ado Airport Cancun, Q.R. (Mapa)

Trip duration takes around 3 hours length.

Ado Bus ticket price from $54 to $178. More about Playa del Carmen-QR to Cancun-QR bus schedule.

Ado Deals & Ado Discounts

Buy Ado Tickets in Advance

Passengers who travel with Ado have an advantage when they are planning their trips.

Because Ado has a discount program, for who buy the bus ticket between 6 months or one day before the travel.

Family & Friends Discounts

Ado has a discount program for family and groups.

The discounts vary according to the number of people who will travel.

Moreover, also comes with an expiry date stipulated by the bus company.

Passengers can buy their bus tickets for groups online or at terminals.

Tickets must be shop until one day before bus travel.

However, you cannot cancel this kind of bus ticket.

Children Free Tickets and Discounts

Children until four years old do not pay fares, but they can not occupy seats on buses.

From 5 to 12 years old, children can buy bus tickets and get a 50% discount.

Adults, parents or legal responsible must accompany all under age kids.

For boarding, it is necessary to present an identification document (ID) for both.

Teenagers over the age of 15 years may travel alone.

However, also it is necessary to have an identification document.

Student & Professors Discounts

Students and professors get discounts for traveling by bus on the way home from school.

Ado give discounts during the school calendar.

So teachers and students need to show documentation to the company to get benefits.

Ticket Refund and Exchanges

First of all, you cannot cancel advance tickets.

However, you can reschedule your advance ticket for a similar trip at the bus terminal.

Passengers can change dates and timetables until 15 minutes before the bus departure.

If the new bus trip has a difference in price, the passenger will have to pay the difference.

Ado allows cancellation of bus tickets until 30 minutes before the scheduled departure.

The passenger can request for a full refund.

Full ticket refund only if it has not been bought online or with a discount fare.

If you have any questions about the trip, you can call HOLA 01 800 369 46 52.

Ado Valuable Tips

Boarding on Ado Bus

It is spent about 30 minutes at the terminal for taking care of ticketing confirmation and baggage dispatch.

Ado suggest you arrive at the terminal about 1 hour before starting your trip to avoid problems.

Ado Baggage Size and Weight Limits

Passengers can carry without extra cost baggage weighs up to 25 kilos.

The bag must measure the largest of 30x40x100cm.

Pets on Ado Bus

Domestic animals can travel on Ado buses.

A bus trips with should have a maximum of 8 hours long for a pet.

You should sedate the pet during the journey and should take it in a kennel.