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1 844 800 6828

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Website: ourbus.com/

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Most searched routes and schedules

Check out the most searched bus routes and schedules by Ourbus passengers, including the most popular destinations and the main cities served by the company for leisure or work trips


Top passenger questions

Based on the main doubts and frequently asked questions from Ourbus passengers, we have compiled a complete list of answers to help you on your next trip. If you still have questions, please contact our support team.

Accessibility and Special Needs

Ourbus is committed to ensuring accessibility for all passengers, including those with mobility issues. Buses are equipped with wheelchair ramps and designated spaces for passengers with disabilities. The drivers are trained to assist passengers with boarding and alighting, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey.
Ourbus provides facilities to accommodate passengers with special needs, including wheelchair-accessible buses, priority seating, and assistance from drivers. Passengers requiring additional support are encouraged to contact Ourbus customer service in advance of travel to ensure all necessary arrangements are made for a comfortable and hassle-free journey.

Rewards, Affiliations, and Special Programs

Yes, Ourbus offers a rewards program called 'Ourbus Rewards' which allows frequent travelers to earn points for every journey. Points can be redeemed for discounts on future tickets, ensuring that loyal customers are rewarded for their continued business.
Regular travelers with Ourbus can benefit from the 'Ourbus Rewards' program, which allows them to accumulate points for every trip. These points can be used to avail discounts on future bookings, making it advantageous for frequent commuters and tourists. Additionally, regular travelers may also receive exclusive offers and promotions.
Yes, Ourbus has affiliations with various travel organizations and clubs, providing additional benefits and exclusive offers to members. By partnering with these organizations, Ourbus aims to create a network of benefits that enhance the travel experience for its customers.
Yes, Ourbus offers gift cards and travel vouchers, presenting an ideal gifting option for friends and family. These vouchers can be redeemed for bus tickets, allowing recipients to enjoy the convenience and comfort of traveling with Ourbus.

Routes, Schedules, and Travel Planning

Ourbus operates popular routes such as New York to Washington DC, New York to Philadelphia, and New York to Boston. These routes are known for their reliability, comfortable amenities, and affordable fares.
To find the schedule for a specific Ourbus route, visit the Ourbus website or use their mobile app. Enter your departure and arrival locations, and the schedule will display, allowing you to select the most convenient timing for your trip.
Planning a trip with multiple Ourbus routes is easy. Simply use their website or mobile app to select the initial route, then add additional segments as needed. This allows for seamless transitions between routes, making multi-leg journeys hassle-free.
Ourbus offers a comprehensive schedule for its routes, including multiple departure times to accommodate varying travel needs. The schedule is designed to provide flexibility and convenience, ensuring that passengers can find a suitable departure time for their trip.
Yes, a valid ID is required to board an Ourbus. Passengers must present their ID at the time of boarding to ensure compliance with safety and security regulations. Acceptable forms of ID include a driver's license, passport, or any government-issued photo ID.
Yes, passengers are required to have a valid ID to travel on an Ourbus. It is not possible to board the bus without proper identification. This requirement is in place to ensure the safety and security of all passengers throughout their journey.

Luggage and Special Items Transport

Ourbus allows one carry-on bag (25 lbs) and one checked bag (50 lbs) per passenger. All luggage must be properly tagged with passenger details and adhere to size restrictions for the overhead compartments and undercarriage storage.
Passengers with extra luggage beyond the standard allowance must notify Ourbus during booking or at least 24 hours in advance. Additional luggage may incur fees and is subject to space availability.
Yes, Ourbus allows passengers to bring bicycles and sports equipment, subject to availability of space and advanced notification when booking.
Passengers should inform Ourbus in advance about transporting bicycles or sports equipment. Fees may apply, and the items must comply with size restrictions and be properly secured for transport.

Customer Support and Feedback

To contact Ourbus customer service, you can reach out via email at support@ourbus.com or call their customer support hotline at +1-844-800-6828. They are also responsive on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, where you can send them a direct message for assistance.
Ourbus takes customer complaints and feedback seriously. They have a dedicated customer support team that reviews and addresses all complaints and feedback received via email, phone, or social media. They strive to provide timely and satisfactory resolutions to ensure a positive customer experience.
Common issues faced by Ourbus customers may include booking difficulties, schedule changes, or service-related concerns. These issues are promptly addressed by the customer support team. Ourbus aims to resolve these issues efficiently and professionally, ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the travel experience.

Pricing, Payment, and Tickets

Ourbus offers flexible pricing tiers for tickets, with options for economy, standard, and premium fares. The company regularly runs promotions and discounts, so be sure to check their website for the latest offers.
Yes, Ourbus allows passengers to pick up 'will call tickets' at the station. Simply present your ID and booking information at the designated ticket counter to collect your tickets.
No, you do not have to print your Ourbus ticket. Electronic tickets displayed on your mobile device via the Ourbus app or email confirmation are accepted for boarding. Remember to keep your device charged during your journey.

Booking and Managing Your Journey

Booking a ticket for Ourbus is easy and convenient. Simply visit the Ourbus website or download the mobile app. You can search for your preferred route, select the desired schedule, and complete the booking process by providing your personal details and payment information.
Ourbus offers various discounts and loyalty programs to its passengers. These may include discounts for students, seniors, and frequent travelers. Additionally, they may have a loyalty program that rewards regular travelers with points or special perks. Check the Ourbus website or app for the latest offers and promotions.
Yes, Ourbus allows for ticket cancellations and changes, but the policies may vary based on the type of ticket purchased. It's advisable to review the terms and conditions during the booking process to understand the cancellation and change policies for your specific ticket.
Ourbus utilizes an e-ticketing system, where you'll receive a digital ticket via email upon completing your booking. Simply present the e-ticket on your mobile device or a printed copy at the boarding point. Ensure that the QR code or ticket details are visible for easy validation before boarding.
Ourbus accepts various payment methods, including major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Additionally, they may also accept alternative payment options like PayPal or specific prepaid cards. During the booking process, you can select your preferred payment method for a seamless transaction.

Pet Policy

Yes, passengers can travel with pets on Ourbus. Ourbus allows passengers to bring small pets, such as dogs and cats, on board. However, larger pets may not be accommodated due to space constraints. It's recommended to check the specific pet policy on the Ourbus website before traveling.
Passengers bringing pets on Ourbus are required to ensure that their pets are well-behaved and completely house-trained. It’s important to keep the pet in a carrier throughout the journey. Additionally, passengers must bring all required documentation for the pet, such as proof of vaccinations and any necessary identification tags.

Special Travel Options and Seasonal Services

Yes, Ourbus offers special routes and services during major holidays and peak seasons to accommodate the increased travel demand. This includes additional bus schedules, extra routes to popular destinations, and special promotions to make traveling more convenient and affordable for passengers.
Absolutely, Ourbus provides services for special events such as festivals, concerts, and sports events. The company understands the importance of catering to attendees and offers specialized transport options to ensure a seamless travel experience to and from these events.

Travel Interruptions and Cancellations

Ourbus has policies in place to address travel interruptions and delays. These policies are designed to ensure passenger safety, comfort, and convenience. In the event of unexpected delays or interruptions, Ourbus provides clear communication to passengers, outlining next steps and alternative arrangements.
In the event of unexpected delays, Ourbus provides assistance and support to passengers. Depending on the circumstances, passengers may be provided with compensation or alternative transportation options. Ourbus prioritizes passenger satisfaction and aims to minimize inconvenience caused by unexpected delays.
Ourbus handles delays and cancellations with a passenger-centric approach. The company communicates promptly with affected passengers, providing information about rebooking options and potential compensation. By prioritizing clear communication and customer support, Ourbus ensures that passengers are informed and assisted during such situations.

Special Travel Needs and Services

Ourbus offers comfortable and reliable bus travel for business trips. With amenities like free Wi-Fi, power outlets, and comfortable seating, business travelers can stay productive during the journey. Plus, Ourbus provides flexible schedules and affordable fares suitable for frequent business travel.
Ourbus offers flexible ticket options and competitive pricing, making it an excellent choice for digital nomads and work travelers. It provides convenient routes, comfortable seating, and reliable amenities like Wi-Fi and power outlets, catering to the needs of modern travelers.
Ourbus does offer corporate accounts and services tailored to accommodate the specific needs of business travelers. These services may include bulk ticket purchases, preferential seating arrangements, and other customized solutions to streamline corporate travel.
Ourbus caters to senior citizens by ensuring accessibility features, comfortable seating, and assistance with boarding and luggage. It prioritizes the needs of senior passengers and aims to make their travel experience as comfortable and convenient as possible.
Senior citizens may be eligible for special discounts or rates when traveling with Ourbus. The company values and recognizes the contributions of senior passengers and offers them discounted fares to make travel more affordable and accessible.
Infants may be eligible for special discounted fares or complimentary tickets on Ourbus, making it an affordable option for families traveling with young children. The company prioritizes the comfort and convenience of families and aims to provide cost-effective travel solutions.
Ourbus has clear policies and guidelines for traveling with children, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey for families. These policies may include age restrictions, seat allocation, and other considerations to provide a pleasant travel experience for both children and accompanying adults.
Ourbus provides group discounts and special rates for organized travel groups. Whether it's a school trip, corporate outing, or family vacation, the company offers cost-effective solutions for group travel, making it an excellent choice for coordinating group trips.
Ourbus can accommodate large groups through private bookings, ensuring a seamless and convenient travel experience for organizations, tour groups, or event attendees. With flexible scheduling options and personalized services, it caters to the specific needs of large travel groups.
Ourbus offers special rates and services tailored to students and young travelers, providing affordable travel options without compromising on comfort and convenience. With student-friendly fares and amenities like Wi-Fi and power outlets, Ourbus is an ideal choice for budget-conscious travelers.

International Travel

When traveling with Ourbus across international borders, passengers must carry valid identification, such as a passport or any other required travel documents for the specific country. It is essential to check the entry requirements and documentations of the destination country before planning the trip. Ourbus recommends passengers to stay updated with the latest travel advisories and necessary documentation.

Safety, Insurance, and Emergency Procedures

Ourbus offers travel insurance options for an additional fee. The insurance provides coverage for trip cancellation, delays, and baggage loss. It is recommended to check the specific terms and conditions of the insurance policy before purchasing to ensure it meets your travel needs.
Ourbus adheres to strict safety protocols and high standards. The buses undergo regular maintenance to ensure they are in optimal condition. Additionally, the drivers are well-trained professionals. Ourbus prioritizes the safety and comfort of passengers, making it a reliable choice for travelers.

On-Board Experience and Amenities

Ourbus provides amenities such as comfortable seating, air conditioning, on-board restrooms, and complimentary Wi-Fi to ensure a pleasant travel experience.
Yes, Ourbus offers charging ports, complimentary Wi-Fi, and on-board restrooms to enhance the comfort and convenience of passengers.
Ourbus follows strict health and hygiene measures, including regular cleaning and disinfection of buses, ventilation systems, and high-touch surfaces. Additionally, hand sanitizing stations are available on board.
Ourbus provides a selection of snacks and beverages for purchase on board to satisfy passengers' cravings during the journey.
Passengers traveling with infants and toddlers on Ourbus can request baby seats and strollers, and the buses are equipped with facilities to accommodate the needs of young travelers.
Passengers are welcome to bring their own food and non-alcoholic beverages on board Ourbus, allowing them to enjoy their preferred snacks and drinks during the trip.
Ourbus offers in-transit entertainment options, including movies and music, to keep passengers entertained throughout their journey.
Yes, passengers can access their favorite streaming services on their personal devices while traveling on Ourbus, enhancing their entertainment experience.
Ourbus provides premium features such as extra legroom, movies, and other entertainment amenities to offer a heightened travel experience for passengers.

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All About Ourbus Tickets, Bus Schedules, and Information

Ourbus is an important bus company in United States, serving in several locations.

It operates vast bus routes connecting the main cities and locations in the country.

The bus company offers a range of daily bus schedules to serve all passengers with excellence.

At Busbuster, you find bus ticket information, with complete bus timetables displays, a range of Ourbus ticket prices, stations, and stops.

Also, take a look at the major contribution from previous travelers who rated and reviewed this bus company with 0 reviews.

Popular Bus Destinations

  • Ourbus Philadelphia
  • Ourbus New York
  • Ourbus Tampa
  • Ourbus State College
  • Ourbus Washington
  • Ourbus Fort Lauderdale
  • Ourbus Rochester
  • Ourbus Fort Myers

Ourbus Bus Routes

Here are some route information from the most popular trips.

Washington x Philadelphia

Find one or more bus timetable departures from Washington to


At this route the bus ticket price starts in USD 5.00 reaching till USD 25.00.

This travel takes around 3h 33m length.

The bus arrives at 30th St Station, PHILADELPHIA GREYHOUND, Philadelphia - 3802 Ludlow St.

Check and buy Washington x Philadelphia bus tickets here

Syracuse x New York

Find one or more bus timetable departures from Syracuse to

New York.

At this route the bus ticket price starts in USD 10.00 reaching till USD 40.00.

This travel takes around 4h 58m length.

The bus arrives at 194 Canal St - New York, NY, 194 Canal St, PORT AUTHORITY, NEW YORK - 625 8TH AVE, 7th Ave and 27th St, 368 Park Avenue South - NYC.

Check and buy Syracuse x New York bus tickets here

Fort Lauderdale x Tampa

Find one or more bus timetable departures from Fort Lauderdale to


At this route the bus ticket price starts in USD 15.00 reaching till USD 49.00.

This travel takes around 5h 55m length.

The bus arrives at 11706 Tampa Gateway blvd - Tampa, FL, TAMPA, Nebraska Ave @ Twiggs St, Marion Transit Center.

Check and buy Fort Lauderdale x Tampa bus tickets here

New York x State College

Find one or more bus timetable departures from New York to

State College.

At this route the bus ticket price starts in USD 49.99 reaching till USD 99.00.

This travel takes around 5h 51m length.

The bus arrives at 1615 N Atherton Street, STATE COLLEGE - 152 N ATHERTON ST, 1615 N Atherton St, 1615 N Atherton St - State College, PA, SW Corner of Walmart Parking Lot - 1665 N Atherton St..

Check and buy New York x State College bus tickets here

Philadelphia x Washington

Find one or more bus timetable departures from Philadelphia to


At this route the bus ticket price starts in USD 5.00 reaching till USD 24.99.

This travel takes around 3h 29m length.

The bus arrives at Union Station., WASHINGTON - 50 MASSACHUSETTS AVE NE.

Check and buy Philadelphia x Washington bus tickets here

Tampa x Fort Lauderdale

Find one or more bus timetable departures from Tampa to

Fort Lauderdale.

At this route the bus ticket price starts in USD 15.00 reaching till USD 49.00.

This travel takes around 6h 11m length.

The bus arrives at FLL International Airport - Fort Lauderdale, FL, FT LAUDERDALE, Sheridan Street Tri-Rail Station.

Check and buy Tampa x Fort Lauderdale bus tickets here

State College x New York

Find one or more bus timetable departures from State College to

New York.

At this route the bus ticket price starts in USD 39.99 reaching till USD 99.00.

This travel takes around 6h 28m length.

The bus arrives at NEW YORK - 625 8TH AVE, 100 Lafayette St - New York, NY, JFK Airport Terminal 1, 7th Ave and 27th St, 100 Lafayette St, JFK All Terminal.

Check and buy State College x New York bus tickets here

New York x Rochester

Find one or more bus timetable departures from New York to


At this route the bus ticket price starts in USD 39.00 reaching till USD 50.00.

This travel takes around 6h 50m length.

The bus arrives at NEW YORK TRAILWAYS, ROCHESTER, East Broad Street (Between Chestnut St and Broadway St), 733 Monroe Ave - Rochester, NY.

Check and buy New York x Rochester bus tickets here

Miami x Fort Myers

Find one or more bus timetable departures from Miami to

Fort Myers.

At this route the bus ticket price starts in USD 25.00 reaching till USD 49.00.

This travel takes around 1h 52m length.

The bus arrives at 13600 Indian Paint Ln, 4770 Colonial Blvd - Fort Myers, FL, Fort Myers - McDonald's 13600 Indian Paint Ln, Fort Myers - Walmart 4770 Colonial Blvd, FT MYERS, Florida Gulf Coast University, 7408 E. Hillsbrough Ave.

Check and buy Miami x Fort Myers bus tickets here

Fort Myers x Fort Lauderdale

Find one or more bus timetable departures from Fort Myers to

Fort Lauderdale.

At this route the bus ticket price starts in USD 23.50 reaching till USD 49.00.

This travel takes around 2h 32m length.

The bus arrives at FT LAUDERDALE, FLL International Airport - Fort Lauderdale, FL, Fort Lauderdale Airport arrivals T2 & T3.

Check and buy Fort Myers x Fort Lauderdale bus tickets here

What is the Best Ourbus Bus Booking way?

The most comfortable and time saver method is buying your bus ticket online directly at https://ourbus.com/.

Usually, you can buy online using a credit card.

Other options, less quick, is to book by phone or to go directly to the counter at the bus station.

More about getting bus tickets in United States

Ourbus Ticket Cancellation, Exchange, and Refund

If you need to cancel, change your bus ticket or understand the company's policies, get in contact with Ourbus.

Be aware that not every type of bus ticket fare is refundable.

Get in contact with Ourbus customer services for detailed information on possible refunds.

Ourbus phone number: 1 844 800 6828

Ourbus Discounts

The company offers special deals and reduced bus ticket fare for some travelers groups.

Check Ourbus website for more details.

Ourbus Luggage Rules

Check Ourbus baggage policies before buy tickets.

Passengers must follow the rules on luggage limit of weight and size carried when traveling by this bus company.

For more details about the luggage rule, get in touch with the carrier.

Ourbus Bus Fleet

The company has modern, safe and comfortable coaches.

The fleet guarantees a fabulous experience during the journey.

For long-distance trips, find:

- Air-conditioned

- Comfortable seats

- Reading lamps

- Toilets

Bus Travel Tips

Ourbus reviews

Busbuster gathers a total of 0 Ourbus bus customers reviews.

Customers reviews show what is the best and worse on Ourbus services.

Find all you need to know about quality, punctuality, cleanliness, and staff behavior.

First, check the rates and then go for the reviews to get what best describes Ourbus bus lines real experience.

Travel with Pets

If you want to travel with your animal, please verify if Ourbus policies allow that.

Most of the time, bus companies only admit guide/assistance dogs for disabled persons.

Travel with Children

Children must travel with a legally responsible adult.

If traveling without a responsible person, they must present a parent signed and authorized document.

For more information, please get in contact with Ourbus.

Travel for a Disabled Person

If disable passengers need some assistance during the bus trip, please request it before to Ourbus staff.

Ourbus Phone Number: 1 844 800 6828

Boarding on Bus

The boarding procedure takes between 15 to 30 minutes.

Try to arrive at terminal or bus stop with at least an hour in advance for bus departure.

It is necessary to present a valid document of identification ID before getting on the bus.