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"Can get my tickets"
thumb_downanonymous passenger
"Can get my tickets"
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"Great experience at all! I love riding Flixbus."
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"I've been trying to schedule a ticket through this app for almost ten hours and still can't get to where I need to be"
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"Cant get a ticket on the website"
thumb_downanonymous passenger
"Cant get a ticket on the website"
thumb_upjohany padilla
"Great experience at all! I love riding Flixbus."
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"Can't even get a ticket inkinw"
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"Can't even get a ticket inkinw"
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"Great experience at all! I love riding Flixbus."

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  • +49 30 300137300
  • https://global.flixbus.com
  • Munich, Germany

Faq Flixbus

Where can I find details about my connection, such as intermediate stops or the location of the final stop?

If you want to find out where the primary or intermediate stops for a route are located, have a look here and select the stop or connection that interests you.

What do I need to know when traveling with a service animal?

Mobility assistance, guide dogs and service animals that must be brought along by persons with disabilities are also welcome and transported at no additional charge. Furthermore, these animals are not required to wear a muzzle. For the comfort and safety of the service animal, other passengers and your driver, service animals must be either on the handler’s lap, on the floor at the handler’s feet (not blocking any aisles or exits) or, space permitting, in the wheelchair seating area of the coach. Service animals may not occupy a seat. To inform us that the service animal will be accompanying you on you FlixBus ride, please call Customer Service as soon as possible after booking. Unfortunately, emotional support, therapy, PTSD, comfort animals and pets are not permitted to travel with FlixBus. Service Animal fraud is a crime. For more information, please visit this website.

Can I book a ticket for someone else?

Of course! Simply enter the other person's name and e-mail address while booking, so that they receive the ticket directly. Alternatively, you can simply forward the ticket to them yourself. They can enter the booking number into their FlixBus App and receive the ticket directly on their phone. Please also enter their phone number so they don't miss any important information about the trip.

Can I reserve a seat?

Our buses are generally first-come, first-served. We recommend being on the bus as early as possible if you want to get a certain seat. On select lines, passengers may reserve a seat while booking. We will notify you if the connection you are booking offers seat reservations. After entering your passenger data, you will be provided with the option of reserving a seat. This feature is only available via online booking and not via the App. The fee for reserving a seat depends on the type of selected seats and the distance. Adding, changing, and cancelling seat reservations: You may reserve a seat during the booking process. While we test this system, it will not be possible to add a seat reservation later or change an already existing seat reservation. If you would like to cancel a seat reservation, go to Change/Cancel booking. Groups: Reserved seats are not assigned to certain persons of the group. Each group member may choose their own seat.

My trip allows seat reservations. Where can I sit?

Buses that allow seat reservation will indicate the seat numbers at eye level along the luggage compartment. If you have a seat reservation, you will find your seat number on your ticket. If you chose not to make a seat reservation, you can freely choose one of the seats marked with an additional green sticker. Please note that even if a reservable seat is available, someone else might book it later.

When can I book my desired route / date?

Most of our routes can be booked several months in advance. If you can’t find a trip on the route you’re looking for, try searching for a different stop or take a look at the FlixBus App or our website every now and then.

Traveling with a child: What do I need to know?

The safety of our little passengers is especially important to us. Therefore, please note the following: • 0–3 years: You must bring a child seat that can be attached using a two-point belt. • 4–12 years: Please always be accompanied by someone who is at least 17 years old. • 13–16 years: Children between 13 and 16 years old may travel alone if they have a declaration of consent from their parent or legal guardian (to be provided while booking). Please understand that our bus drivers cannot assume supervisory duties. Please only send your child to travel alone if you are certain that your child is able to do so. Additionally, your child may only travel on trips without transfers that take place between 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Strollers Strollers will be transported for free if the child travels with you. Simply call our Customer Service no less than 48 hours before your planned departure to register your stroller. Beyond 17 years old, there are no obstacles to travel alone. Just make sure that your child has all necessary documents and IDs with them

What requirements does my wheelchair need to satisfy so that I can put it in the passenger cabin?

In the passenger cabin for long-distance coaches, we can only transport wheelchairs that are compliant with the rules of ADA (See: Section 37.165 Lift and Securement Use) Your wheelchair must comply with current legal safety requirements.

I’m having problems booking online. What should I do?

Error during payment? If you are using an internet browser to book tickets, try these steps: • Clear the cache (browser history) • Delete the cookies on your computer • Restart your browser or try a different browser If this doesn't work, try paying with a different payment method, for example PayPal. Please note that fees are added for certain payment methods. If a new window for your 3D Secure code does not open when carrying out an instant transfer, switch off your pop-up blocker and try again. Contact your bank to find out if you can use the selected payment method. Error on the website? If you are using an internet browser to book tickets, try these steps: • Try using a different browser (we recommend using Google Chrome) • Go to your browser's settings and clear your browser history/browsing data • Delete the cookies on your computer • Update your browser • Restart your browser and try again If you still need help, try booking using the FlixBus App or go to your nearest FlixBus ticket outlet!

All you need to know about Flixbus

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