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Bus Punctuality
Bus Driver
Bus Cleanliness
Bus Comfort
Staff Behaviour
thumb_downandre palacios
Pesima atencion al cliente por telefono
thumb_uppasajero anónimo
thumb_upraquel diaz
Felicidades es excelente el servicio
thumb_uplilia mendoza
Hola: Para mi es muy buen servicio!! Viajamos siempre con ustedes!!
thumb_downrobwrto jernamdez
Falta de.ñimpieza en.el. baño camion los.reapañdps sientos
thumb_downalan villegas
Un viaje de 15 hrs se convierte en uno de 20 hrs, paradas exclusivas para que el chof desayune fueron un terror, no entiendo por que desayunar en los transbordes. viaje 869935 folio 080059293624
thumb_upeliseo gonzalez
Necesito comprae un voleto de cancun Q.R a motozintla, pero no me aroja precios algun num. De telefono psra contactarme con OCC, por favor. grscias.
thumb_downluis sanchez
Mas amigable para celular
no puedo sacar el pasaje

Cristóbal Colón contact

  • +52 800 369 4652
  • 123 Artilleros, 15380 Venustiano Carranza, DF

All you need to know about Cristóbal Colón

All about Cristóbal Colón bus tickets, schedules and information

Cristóbal Colón is an important bus company in United States, serving in several locations.

It operates vast bus routes connecting the main cities and locations in the country.

Cristóbal Colón offers a range of daily bus schedules to serve all passengers with excellence.

At Busbuster, you find all Cristóbal Colón bus ticket information, with complete bus timetables displays, range of ticket prices, stations and stops.

Also take a look at the major contribution from previous travellers who rated and reviewed Cristóbal Colón with 0 reviews.

Cristóbal Colón popular destinations

  • Cristóbal Colón Arriaga

 Cristóbal Colón bus routes

Here are some route information details from the most popular trips.

Huixtla x Arriaga

Find one or more bus timetable departures from Huixtla to Arriaga.

At this route Cristóbal Colón bus ticket price starts in MXN 250.00 reaching till MXN 250.00.

This travel takes around 3h 43m lenghth.

The bus arrives at Arriaga, Chis..

Check and buy Huixtla x Arriaga bus tickets here

Matías Romero x Arriaga

Find one or more bus timetable departures from Matías Romero to Arriaga.

At this route Cristóbal Colón bus ticket price starts in MXN 254.00 reaching till MXN 254.00.

This travel takes around 2h 55m lenghth.

The bus arrives at Arriaga, Chis..

Check and buy Matías Romero x Arriaga bus tickets here

What is the best Cristóbal Colón bus booking way?

The most comfortable and time saver method is buying your Cristóbal Colón bus ticket online directly on

Commonly, you can buy online using a credit card.

Other options, less quicker, is to book by phone or to go directly at the counter at the bus station.

More about getting bus tickets in USA

Cristóbal Colón ticket cancellation, exchange and refund

If you need to cancel, change your bus ticket or understand company's policies, get in contact with Cristóbal Colón.

Be aware that not every type of Cristóbal Colón coach ticket is refundable.

Get in contact with Cristóbal Colón customer services for detailed information on possible refunds.

Cristóbal Colón Phone Number: +52 800 369 4652

Cristóbal Colón bus ticket discounts

Cristóbal Colón offers special deals and reduced bus ticket fare for some travellers groups.

Check Cristóbal Colón website for more details.

Cristóbal Colón Luggage Rules

Check Cristóbal Colón baggage policies before buy tickets.

Passengers must follow the rules on luggage limit of weight and size carried when traveling with this bus company.

For more details about the luggage rule, get in touch with carrier.

Cristóbal Colón Bus Fleet

Cristóbal Colón has modern, safe and comfortable coaches.

The fleet guarantees a fabulous experience during the journey.

For long-distance trips, find:


Comfortable seats

Reading lamps


Bus Travel Tips

Cristóbal Colón Reviews

Busbuster gathers a total of 0 Cristóbal Colón bus reviews.

Customers reviews shows what is the best and worse on Cristóbal Colón services.

Find all you need to know about quality, punctuality, cleanliness, and staff behaviour.

First check the rates and then go for the reviews to get what best describes Cristóbal Colón bus lines real experience.

Travel with Pets

If you want to travel with your animal, please verify if Cristóbal Colón policies allows that.

Most of the time, bus companies only admit guide/assistance dogs for disabled persons.

Travel with Children

Children must travel with a legally responsible adult.

If travelling without a responsible person, they must present a parent signed and authorised document.

For more information, please get in contact with Cristóbal Colón.

Travel for Disabled Person

If disable passengers need some assistance during the bus trip, please request it before to Cristóbal Colón staff.

Cristóbal Colón Phone Number: +52 800 369 4652

Boarding on Bus

Cristóbal Colón boarding procedure takes between 15 to 30 minutes.

Try to arrive at terminal or bus stop with at least an hour in advance for Cristóbal Colón bus departure.

It is necessary to present a valid document of identification ID before getting on the bus.