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Phone: 1-800-266-7433

Phone:Orange Belt Stages

Location: P.O. Box 949 Visalia, CA 93279

Location:Orange Belt Stages
P.O. Box 949 Visalia, CA 93279


Website:Orange Belt Stages
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Most searched routes and schedules

Check out the most searched bus routes and schedules by Orange Belt Stages passengers, including the most popular destinations and the main cities served by the company for leisure or work trips


Top passenger questions

Based on the main doubts and frequently asked questions from Orange Belt Stages passengers, we have compiled a complete list of answers to help you on your next trip. If you still have questions, please contact our support team.

Accessibility and Special Needs

Orange Belt Stages is dedicated to providing accessibility to passengers with mobility issues. The buses are equipped with features such as wheelchair ramps and designated seating areas. Additionally, the staff is trained to assist passengers with special needs, ensuring a comfortable and convenient travel experience.
Orange Belt Stages offers various facilities for passengers with special needs, including wheelchair-accessible buses, priority seating, and trained staff to assist with boarding and alighting. Additionally, there are accessible restrooms available at select stops. These features ensure a safe and comfortable journey for all passengers.

Pricing, Payment, and Tickets

Orange Belt Stages offers different pricing tiers for tickets, including standard fares, senior fares, and child fares. Each tier has varying discounts and eligibility criteria, providing flexibility for different passenger demographics. Ensure to check their website for the most up-to-date pricing information and special promotions.
Yes, passengers can pick up 'will call tickets' at the Orange Belt Stages station. Simply present your confirmation number and a valid photo ID at the designated will call window or counter at the station. This convenient option offers flexibility for travelers who prefer to secure their tickets in person.
No, Orange Belt Stages offers e-ticketing, allowing passengers to conveniently present their tickets on their mobile devices. This environmentally friendly option eliminates the need to print physical tickets, providing a seamless and sustainable travel experience. Ensure your device is fully charged and the ticket is easily accessible before boarding.

Luggage and Special Items Transport

Orange Belt Stages allows each passenger to bring one piece of luggage (up to 50 lbs) and one personal item on board. Additional luggage may incur extra fees. Certain items like hazardous materials, pets (unless assistance animals), and oversized items are not allowed. Check the official Orange Belt Stages website for the most current luggage guidelines.
Orange Belt Stages accommodates extra luggage on a case-by-case basis. Passengers should contact customer service or visit the Orange Belt Stages website to make special arrangements prior to their travel date. It's important to communicate any special requests well in advance to ensure a smooth and stress-free travel experience.
Yes, Orange Belt Stages permits passengers to bring bicycles and sports equipment on board, subject to certain guidelines and fees. However, it's recommended to check with Orange Belt Stages customer service or visit their official website for the most up-to-date information and specific requirements prior to travel.
Orange Belt Stages has specific guidelines and fees for transporting bicycles and sports equipment. Passengers should contact Orange Belt Stages customer service or refer to their website for detailed information on packaging requirements, associated fees, and any other specific guidelines related to transporting bicycles and sports equipment.

Rewards, Affiliations, and Special Programs

Orange Belt Stages does not currently offer a rewards or loyalty program. However, they do provide competitive pricing and various discounts for frequent travelers.
Regular travelers with Orange Belt Stages can benefit from cost-effective travel, punctual schedules, comfortable seating, and reliable customer service. Additionally, they offer discounted fares for regular commuters.
Orange Belt Stages is affiliated with various travel organizations and clubs, offering exclusive membership benefits, promotional discounts, and access to partner services.
Orange Belt Stages does offer gift cards and travel vouchers, providing a convenient and flexible gifting option for travel enthusiasts and commuters.

International Travel

When traveling with Orange Belt Stages across international borders, make sure to carry a valid passport and any necessary visas for the countries you will be entering. Additionally, be prepared to present identification and travel documents upon request. It's advisable to check with the relevant embassies or Orange Belt Stages customer service for specific requirements prior to your journey.

Special Travel Options and Seasonal Services

Orange Belt Stages offers special routes and increased services during major holidays and peak seasons to accommodate the higher demand from tourists and commuters. This ensures that travelers can easily reach their destinations and enjoy a convenient travel experience during these busy times.
Yes, Orange Belt Stages provides dedicated services for special events such as festivals, concerts, and sports events. These services are designed to transport attendees to and from the events efficiently and comfortably, allowing passengers to focus on enjoying the experience without worrying about transportation logistics.

Travel Interruptions and Cancellations

Orange Belt Stages has policies in place to handle travel interruptions and delays. These policies ensure that passengers are informed of any changes and are provided with alternative solutions to minimize inconvenience.
In the event of unexpected delays, Orange Belt Stages assists passengers by providing regular updates, offering suitable alternatives, and ensuring their comfort. Compensation and assistance are provided in accordance with the company's customer care policies.
Orange Belt Stages handles delays and cancellations by proactively communicating with affected passengers, providing alternative travel options, and ensuring that their needs are met. The company has established procedures to manage unexpected situations effectively.

On-Board Experience and Amenities

Orange Belt Stages buses are equipped with comfortable seating, air conditioning, and overhead storage for luggage. Additionally, passengers can enjoy onboard restrooms, reading lights, and reclining seats for a pleasant travel experience.
Yes, Orange Belt Stages provides charging ports, Wi-Fi, and clean, well-maintained restrooms on their buses, ensuring passengers stay connected and comfortable throughout their journey.
Orange Belt Stages follows strict health and hygiene protocols, including regular disinfection of buses, hand sanitizer stations, and adherence to safety guidelines for the well-being of passengers.
Passengers have the option to purchase refreshments onboard Orange Belt Stages buses, offering a selection of snacks and beverages for a convenient and enjoyable travel experience.
Orange Belt Stages accommodates passengers traveling with infants and toddlers by providing baby changing facilities, secure seating options, and assistance from the onboard staff for a comfortable journey.
Passengers are welcome to bring their own food and non-alcoholic beverages on board Orange Belt Stages buses. This allows travelers to enjoy their preferred snacks and drinks during the journey.
Orange Belt Stages prioritizes passenger comfort and entertainment by offering in-transit entertainment options such as movies, music, and reading material, enhancing the overall travel experience.
Yes, passengers can access their favorite streaming services while traveling on Orange Belt Stages buses, allowing them to enjoy personalized entertainment during the journey.
Orange Belt Stages provides premium features including extra legroom seating and movies, ensuring passengers have the option for enhanced comfort and entertainment during their travel.
The capacity of an Orange Belt Stages bus varies but typically accommodates a comfortable number of passengers, allowing for a convenient and enjoyable travel experience.

Safety, Insurance, and Emergency Procedures

Orange Belt Stages does not offer travel insurance options. However, it is advisable to explore external travel insurance providers for comprehensive coverage during bus travel.
Orange Belt Stages prioritizes passenger safety by adhering to strict safety protocols. This includes regular maintenance of buses, thorough driver training, and compliance with industry safety standards. Additionally, the company ensures adherence to safety guidelines recommended by the relevant transportation authorities.

Pet Policy

Yes, passengers can travel with pets on Orange Belt Stages, but there are specific guidelines and requirements to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers and animals.
When traveling with pets on Orange Belt Stages, passengers must ensure that their pets are well-behaved, appropriately crated or leashed, and do not cause any disturbances to other passengers. Additionally, there may be size restrictions for pets and a nominal fee for bringing them on board.

Booking and Managing Your Journey

To book a ticket for Orange Belt Stages, you can visit their official website and use their online booking system. Alternatively, you can also book tickets in person at their ticket counters or authorized agents located in various cities they operate in.
Orange Belt Stages offers various discounts and loyalty programs for frequent travelers. They provide discounts for seniors, students, and military personnel. Additionally, they have a loyalty program that offers benefits and rewards for regular passengers.
Yes, Orange Belt Stages allows passengers to cancel or change their bus tickets. However, it is important to review their cancellation and change policies as they may have certain restrictions and fees based on the type of ticket and timing of the request.
Orange Belt Stages e-ticket is a convenient digital alternative to traditional paper tickets. Once you purchase a ticket online, you will receive an electronic ticket via email. Simply present the e-ticket on your mobile device or a printed copy at the boarding point to validate your journey.
Orange Belt Stages accepts various payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, and cash for ticket purchases. They also offer online payment options through their website, providing a convenient and secure booking experience for passengers.

Customer Support and Feedback

To reach Orange Belt Stages customer service, you can contact them via phone at 1-800-555-5555 or by emailing The customer service team is available to assist with any inquiries or concerns regarding bus travel.
Orange Belt Stages values customer feedback and handles complaints promptly and professionally. Customers can submit their complaints via email or by calling the customer service hotline. The company is committed to addressing concerns and ensuring a positive travel experience for all passengers.
Some common issues faced by Orange Belt Stages customers may include travel delays, booking complications, or service-related concerns. These are typically resolved through direct communication with the customer service team. The company seeks to address issues efficiently while prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Special Travel Needs and Services

Orange Belt Stages offers comfortable and reliable bus travel for business commuters. With spacious seating, onboard amenities, and dedicated workspaces, passengers can stay productive during their journey. Additionally, Orange Belt Stages provides convenient schedules, Wi-Fi connectivity, and affordable fares, making it a cost-effective and efficient choice for business travel.
Orange Belt Stages caters to digital nomads and business travelers by offering flexible ticket options, including monthly passes and commuter packages. These packages are designed to provide convenience and savings for frequent travelers. With onboard amenities and reliable connectivity, Orange Belt Stages ensures a productive and comfortable travel experience for digital nomads and professionals on the go.
Yes, Orange Belt Stages provides corporate account services tailored to the specific needs of business travelers. Companies can benefit from streamlined booking processes, flexible payment options, and dedicated support for their employees' travel requirements. By partnering with Orange Belt Stages, businesses can enhance their travel management and provide seamless transportation solutions for their workforce.
Orange Belt Stages prioritizes the comfort and convenience of senior citizens by offering special accommodations, such as priority seating, assistance with luggage, and accessibility features on board. Passengers can also enjoy a peaceful and relaxing travel experience, ensuring a pleasant journey for senior travelers.
Yes, Orange Belt Stages provides special discounts and affordable fares for senior citizens. This initiative aims to make bus travel more accessible and budget-friendly for seniors, allowing them to explore and stay connected with loved ones while enjoying cost-saving benefits.
Orange Belt Stages offers discounted or complimentary tickets for infants, providing an affordable travel option for families. With dedicated seating options and onboard facilities, parents can travel comfortably with their infants, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey for the entire family.
Orange Belt Stages welcomes families with children and has specific policies to ensure a safe and enjoyable travel experience. Passengers can review guidelines for child safety seats, age restrictions, and accompanying adult requirements to prepare for their journey with young travelers.
Orange Belt Stages offers group discounts and special rates for communal travel, making it an ideal choice for group outings, corporate events, and organized tours. With flexible booking options and dedicated group travel support, passengers can enjoy cost-saving benefits and seamless coordination for group trips.
Absolutely, Orange Belt Stages can accommodate large groups and private bookings, offering tailored solutions for corporate events, group travel, and special occasions. With dedicated support and personalized services, passengers can arrange seamless transportation for their group, ensuring a convenient and comfortable journey for all.
Orange Belt Stages provides special rates and travel packages for students and young travelers, allowing them to enjoy affordable and reliable bus travel. With convenient schedules, student discounts, and onboard amenities, Orange Belt Stages aims to support educational and recreational travel needs for young passengers.

Routes, Schedules, and Travel Planning

The most popular Orange Belt Stages routes include the Coastal Express, Central Valley Connection, and Sierra Foothills Explorer. These routes are known for their scenic views and convenient stops at key tourist and commuter destinations.
To find the schedule for a specific Orange Belt Stages route, you can visit the official Orange Belt Stages website or contact their customer service. Additionally, many travel planning platforms and apps also provide detailed schedules for Orange Belt Stages routes.
Planning a trip with multiple Orange Belt Stages routes is convenient. By using the Orange Belt Stages website, you can easily find connections between different routes and plan your itinerary. Additionally, their customer service team can assist in creating a seamless travel plan.
Orange Belt Stages operates a comprehensive schedule with frequent departures on popular routes. The schedules are designed to accommodate both commuters and tourists, offering flexibility and convenience. Detailed schedules for each route can be found on the official Orange Belt Stages website.
No, you do not need an ID to board an Orange Belt Stages bus. Orange Belt Stages welcomes all passengers and provides a hassle-free boarding experience without the need for an ID.
No, there is no requirement for an ID when traveling on Orange Belt Stages buses. All passengers are welcome to travel without the need for an ID, ensuring accessibility and convenience for commuters and tourists alike.

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All About Orange Belt Stages

Orange Belt Stages is a traditional carrier in the US.

Orange Belt Stages is a company member of  Trailways group.

It was founded in 1935, and its headquarter is localized in Visalia, California.

The company offers three types of bus services, charters, bus tours and intercity.

Orange Belt bus lines cover some cities in California and Nevada.

Orange Belt Bus Lines

Orange Belt Bus ticket from Las Vegas to Bakersfield

Departure at 99 S Martin L King Blvd, Las Vegas - View on Map

Arrival at 1401 Chamberlain Ave, Bakersfield - View on Map

More about bus ticket from Las Vegas to Bakersfield

Orange Belt Bus from Las Vegas to Fresno

Departure at 99 S Martin L King Blvd, Las Vegas - View on Map

Arrival at 1435 Fresno St - Plaza Mexico - View on Map

More about bus ticket from Las Vegas to Fresno

Orange Belt Bus from Visalia to Los Angeles

Departure at 425 E Oak Ave Visalia - View on Map

Arrival at North Hollywood Bus Station - View on Map

More about bus ticket from Visalia to LA

Orange Belt Bus from Las Vegas to Seattle

Departure at Las Vegas RTC - View on Map

Arrival at Seattle Amtrak Station - View on Map

More about bus ticket from Las Vegas to Seattle

Orange Belt Bus Connections

Orange Belt Stage count with Greyhound and Amtrak connections to help their passengers.

With these travelers can go to many destinations.

The Greyhound connections may be available in points as Fresno, Goshen, and Bakersfield.

The Amtrak connections happen in Paso Robles, Bakersfield, and Merced.

Orange Belt Stage Customer Service

You can get in contact with Orange Belt by phone or send an email or fax.

Orange Belt Stage phone number 1-800-266-7433

Orange Belt Stage Fax (559) 733-0538

Besides, Orange Belt Bus has an office in Visalia, Fresno, and Bakersfield.

Orange Belt Bakersfield and Fresno phone number: 1-800-266-7433

Orange Belt Visalia phone number (559) 733-4408

Frequent Questions About Orange Belt - FAQ

Before Boarding

When can I arrive for the boarding?

You must come to the bus station, at least, 30 minutes before the departure time.

It may take some minutes to dispatch luggage and finish boarding process.

What documents must I have to board the bus?

You must have your ID before getting on the bus.

In a case of foreign passengers, it's essential to have a valid passport. Besides the required visas for all journeys.