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thumb_downmerline theodore
Every thing
thumb_downanonymous passenger
The worst bus ever bathroom is very nasty and stink they need to be off the road dont have respect for blk people just want money
thumb_downanonymous passenger
The worst bus ever bathroom is very nasty and stink they need to be off the road dont have respect for blk people just want money
thumb_downanonymous passenger
These People Dont have Respect for BLACC PEOPLE
thumb_downanonymous passenger
They don't want black passengers to sit up front, even a handicap one, the driver cursed at passenger then called police on him to try to force him out the front seat but police did not make passenger move and it made us an hour late leaving. This is 2020, it is shameful that a asian driver is so anti black passengers. These passengers make it so that he has a job, a little more respect would be nice, especially since the buses are old with a restroom that always smells bad with no toilet tissue, soap, paper towels, sand sanitizer, or anything else. As a passenger, I don't expect to be cursed at by drivers, or the agents you purchase tickets from, very bad experiences for most people who ride the bus, but asian passengers can sit up front away from black passengers
thumb_downtracey e smith
It was raining on the inside bus was wet and stink and driver dont speak English very well and was more concerned about transporting good from the south to NY more than anything else. Driving was reckless
thumb_downcourtney barber
My first scheduled bus never showed u. They blamed the driver. Even though no one thought to contact us about the issue. We waited 3 hrs in the freezing cold in the middle of the night to finally be taken off hold and told we had to reschedule for the next evening. We had to find a way back home 40 mins away in the middle of the night and get transportation to the same rinky dinky gas station the next day. Almost 18 hrs after we should have been on the bus. Then the driver drove erratically and bathroom was covered in feces. Packed beyond reason. Dropped of at different address than ticket says. Wasted a lot of time money and patience. Inconvenienced our rides. And will no doubt be sick. Do not use this company. They lie and are very unprofessional.
WORST SERVICE OF MY ENTIRE LIFE! DONT USE THIS BUS COMPANY. LIKE FORGET ABOUT THE MONEY. YOU NEED TO KEEP YOUR DIGNITY. An 11hour ride became an 18h and the worst $60 spent. I mean, you get what you pay for. Our bus broke down (still don’t know what really happened) in the middle of the highway 2 hours in the trip. It was 12:30am, we got to a gas station/ rest stop and got stuck there for around 4hours waiting for a replacement bus. The replacement bus comes in around 5am, but its full of people. So they had us wait outside the bus IN THE FREEZING COLD for 30-45mins while the people got off the bus so they could transfer to a new one. A beautiful clean new bus. While we got a disgusting, smelling, FULL OF TRASH, shitty bus. At this point everyone was tired and just wanted to get to their destination. I new I was signing up for an adventure and a shitty service when I bought the ticket, but oh but was I naive. This was by far THE WORST SERVICE OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. The Chinese driver didn’t even spoke english, so there was no communication whatsoever. No working outlets, a million stops, bathroom (Let me throw up because that was disgusting), A DIRTY BABY DIAPER IN FLOOR, like everything I thought could go wrong happened. We where suppose to get to our destination around 9am, we didn’t got there until 4:30-5pm DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. AGAIN, IF YOU VALUE YOURSELF, YOUR TIME AND MONEY, DONT USE WANDA COACH! You will get what you pay for.
Stay away!!! Driver smokes non stop in the bus, the bus itself never on the schedule they call you and tell you some bs that bus is broken and reschedule you for other one 3h later or sometimes even 12h later. STAY AWAY.
thumb_upsade barton
Great price and smooth trip

Wanda Bus contact

  • help@wandacoach.com
  • 646-630-7186
  • https://www.wandacoach.com/
  • 3 Allen St, New York, NY 10002

All you need to know about Wanda Bus

Wanda Bus

Wanda Travel Inc is North American bus company, which provides intercity bus service between some states in the US.

Wanda bus has various routes that are connecting New York, South Carolina, North Carolina, Atlanta, and Virginia.

Most of these lines are daily, and you can find many schedules and bus prices options.

Wanda Popular Destinations

As you can see above, Wanda coach reach important states in the US.

The most popular bus lines and some information about it, are listed below

Bus from New York to Albany

Departure at bus stop: 3 Allen St

Arrival at bus station: 161 Central Ave

More about bus from NYC to Albany schedule

Bus from New York to Charlotte

Departure at Wanda Bus Stop:  103 Canal St

Arrival at Wanda Station: 3301-400 Freedom Dr.

More info bus from NYC to Charlotte schedules

Bus from New York to Norfolk

Departure at bus stop: 3 Allen St

Arrival at Wanda station: 5901 E Virginia Beach Blvd

More details bus from NYC to Norfolk

Bus from New York to Hampton

Departure at Wanda bus stop: 3 Allen Street

Arrival at Wanda bus station: 2165 Cunningham Dr. Unit 2153

More about bus from NYC to Hampton schedule

Wanda Bus Stations and Stops

Wanda Bus Stations in New York

3 Allen St - NYC, NY - View on Map

103 Canal St, NYC, NY - View on Map

120 E. Broadway, NYC - View on Map

35 W 31st St., Midtown New York, NY - View on Map

59 Canal St - NYC, NY - View on Map

95 Canal St- New York, NY - View on Map

Wanda Bus Station in Chicago

2103 S. Archer Ave., Chicago, IL - View on Map

Wanda Bus Station in Memphis

5137 Summer Ave Memphis, TN - View on Map

Wanda Bus Station in Charlotte

3301-400 Freedom Dr., Charlotte, NC - View on Map

Wanda Bus Station in Atlanta

5715 Buford Hwy. NE, Suite 103, Atlanta, GA - View on Map

Wanda Bus Station in Norfolk

5901 E Virginia Beach Blvd, Norfolk, VA - View on Map

Wanda Rewards

Wanda reward program offers 1 point for each dollar spent on Wanda Coach website.

Every 10 points, members will have one dollar of value that can use to any bus ticket.

You can sign up on wandacoach.com for free.

To collect points, it is important that you are log into your account every time purchasing bus tickets at Wanda's site.

Main Questions About Wanda Buses

Discounts / Deals

Are there discounts for seniors?

No, there aren't special fare for the elderly.

Are there discounts for students?

No, there are no special prices for students.

Are there discounts for veterans?

No, there are no discounts for veterans.

Luggage Policies

How much baggage can I bring?

Each passenger can carry one check-in luggage and one carry-on bag.

The check-in luggage can not exceed 62 inches and should not weigh over 50 pounds.

Travelers who have oversize or/and additional bags may pay extras fares.

Refunds and Cancellations

Can I cancel the bus ticket?

You cannot cancel your bus ticket after the transaction is completed.

Please call 646-630-7186, if you have any questions.


Can I reschedule my ticket?

Yes, You can reschedule your bus ticket.

How to reschedule?

If you want to change your bus schedule, you should get in touch with Wanda customer service.

You can call 646-630-7186 or send an email help@wandacoach.com.

To make this change, you must know your Ticket ID number and your new schedule details.

Missed the bus

What would happen if I miss the bus?

If you lost the bus, your bus ticket would become standby ticket.

So, you can use the same ticket to board in a next bus on the same day.

Before Boarding

When can I arrive for the boarding?

If you bought your bus ticket online, you must arrive at the station, at least, 30 minutes before the departure time.

If the travelers have not checked in 30 minutes before departure time, the seat may be sold to others.

Can I carry pets on the bus?

No, you cannot bring pets to your travel.

Wanda bus allows only service animals.