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Primera Plus is part of the Flecha Amarilla Group. 

The first bus trip oh Flecha Amarilla happened in 1932, at that time buses made trips to León and Querétaro.

Over the years the Flecha Amarilla Group has bought several bus companies, and in 1991 one of them had your name changed to Primera Plus.

Primera Plus takes passengers at first class to many destinations in Mexico. 

Besides, Primera Plus is the market leader and pioneering bus company in the country.

Passengers can travel through northeastern and southwest of Mexico and also to states like Jalisco, Colima, and Guanajuato.


Primera Plus has many famous lines in Mexico.

The most searched bus routes are listed below.

Bus Ticket from San Luis Potosi to Guadalajara

Bus Ticket from Aguascalientes to San Luis Potosi

Bus Ticket from Mexico City to Guadalajara


Passengers who travel with Primera Plus will find first class buses and premium service.

Primera Plus buses are equipped with WiFi, restrooms, air conditioning, reclining seats, TVs, snacks during the trip and personal sound equipment.

Online Purchase

Your bus tickets can be bought through Primera Plus’ website and other agencies, the payment must be with credit cards.

Over Phone

You can also buy ticket buses over phone calling to 01 800 375 75 87. 

If you choose this option, the method of payment accept is the credit card.

At Terminal

Another option for purchase your bus tickets is via terminals at bus stations.

You can purchase the bus tickets with credit cards, cash or debit cards.

Other Stores

Bus tickets can also be purchased at travel agencies and Oxxo’s convenience stores; 

You can use credit cards, cash and debit cards to buy your bus tickets.

Children Free Tickets and Discounts

Children up to 2 years don't pay bus tickets. 

However, they can not occupy seats on the bus. 

So, they must travel in the lap of his companions.

From 3 to 11 years, passengers earn 50% discount on bus fares. 

After 12 years, the bus tickets should be paid.

Student & Professors Discounts

Valid only during the holiday period, students can buy bus tickets with 50% discount and professors with 25%.

They must show valid student or teacher’s ID at the time of purchase and when they are boarding the bus.

Seniors Discounts

Seniors have 50% discount on bus fares. When boarding the bus, they must show the INAPAM/ INSEN card.


Passengers can request cancellation of a purchased bus ticket going to the ticket office at the bus terminal at least one hour before departure time of the bus.

Primera Plus allows passengers change the schedule of your bus tickets only once. 

But this request needs to be made until one hour before the bus departure. 

Travelers can request this change by phone 018003757587 or go to the bus station.

Boarding on Bus

You should be at the bus terminal 45 minutes in advance the departure of the bus because it’s normal to spend some time for taking care of ticketing confirmation and baggage dispatch.

Baggage Size and Weight Limits

Inside the bus, passengers can carry one luggage whose weight does not exceed 10 kilos and 55x40x20 cm of dimensions.

Most of the bus companies allow travelers to take luggage weighing up to 25 kilos.

Pets on Bus

Primera Plus allows the transport of dogs and cats at the baggage compartment in their buses. 

To prevent stress, they must be sedated half an hour before the departure of the bus, and they should be taken in appropriate kennel.

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