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Autobus Americanos or Americanos Bus is a traditional Mexican bus company.

That offers cross-border service connecting Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

Besides this, Americanos Bus has some bus routes that are linked to Estrella Blanca Group and Greyhound. 

This partnership helps passengers reach their destinations in an easier and faster way.

If you take an international journey with Americanos bus, you may receive two bus ticket before boarding. 

One ticket is destinated to national travels, inside the Mexico. 

The other one should be used during trips inside of the US because it helps the customs control.


🚍 Bus from Tijuana to Los Angeles

🚏 Departure at Tijuana Central Bus Terminal - View on Map

🚏 Arrival at Los Angeles bus stop: Downtown LA - 611 Maple Ave. - View on Map 

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🚍 Bus from Tijuana to San Jose 

🚏 Departure at Tijuana Central Bus Terminal - View on Map

🚏 Arrival at San Jose Bus Station - View on Map

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🚍 Bus from El Paso to Phoenix

🚏 Departure at El Paso, Santa Fe Station - View on Map

🚏 Arrival at Glendale, Phoenix 44 St Transit CTR - View on Map

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🚍 Bus from to Mexicali to Phoenix

🚏 Departure at Mexicali Bus Station - View on Map

🚏 Arrival at Phoenix Bus Station - View on Map

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Discounts and Deals
Are there discounts for children?

Yes, Americanos bus offers discounts for children between 3 up to 10 years old.

In a case of Mexican child, the discount is 50% OFF.

For American child, the discount is 30% OFF.

Are there discounts for students?

Yes, there are discounts for Mexican Students.

But these offers are available only on vacation season. 

Students can receive 50% OFF.

Is there bus ticket discount for teachers? 

Yes, there is an exclusive discount for Mexican teachers.

But it is available only on vacation season. 

Teachers can get 25% OFF.

Frequent Travelers 

All passengers who have bought five Americanos Bus Tickets can get 50% OFF in their next bus ticket to the United States.

This offer is available only in Mexico.

Return trip

Autobuses Americanos has a discount for passengers who buy your bus ticket and the return trip in the same purchase.

In this deal, you can get 10% OFF on both tickets.

How to get in contact with Americanos bus?

You can call to Americanos bus customer service (800) 5075500 or go to the nearest bus station.

Before Boarding
When can I arrive for the boarding?

You must arrive at the bus station, at least, 30 minutes before the departure time.

It may take some minutes to dispatch baggage and finish boarding process.

What documents must I have to board the bus?

For travels inside Mexico, all citizens must have in hands their ID. 

In a case of foreign passengers, it must have a valid passport and the required visas for all journeys. 

For travels inside the United States, Mexicans need to present their Visa and Passports before cross-border.

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